A large glass distributor voted for CRONIS


Borüveg-THM Kft.





Borüveg-THM Kft. – established in 2003 – has now become the Hungarian market-leader in glass bottles and accessories. As a Hungarian subsidiary of the Austrian Müller Glas & Co GmbH, which also owns the REX and myREX brands, they also sell wine, champagne and brandy bottles, mason jars, as well as other glass products and their accessories. To serve the customers of the Hungarian company smoothly, this year, Borüveg choose to implement CRONIS POS system provided and developed by Szintézis.

Both companies, including the Hungarian subsidiary and the parent company use the enterprise management system of proALPHA. However, already during the introduction of the ERP, it became obvious that this software would not be able to serve all the needs of a store that has retail customers, so Borüveg started to search for a solution that could fulfill the requirements primarily for the gap created here. The main consideration was to choose a cash register system that can communicate with proALPHA and at the same time fully complies with the valid Hungarian accounting rules. It was also an essential aspect for them to work with a local cash register supplier.

“The showroom of Borüveg THM Kft. in Győr also operates as a shop, where we also serve our retail customers and resellers,” said Balázs Rózsa, the manager of the shop, and added. – It is important for customers to have a fast and smooth buying experience, which CRONIS can guarantee. Previously, for example, we could not issue invoices directly at the checkout, so our customers had to wait. Today, however, with CRONIS, it is, if the customer indicates the need for an invoice, we can create simplified invoices with a few clicks right after the customer has selected the products. We also have several large partners from Slovakia, for whom issuing export invoices has also become very easy and fast with the introduction of the system of Szintézis.”

Compared to the previously used cash register solution, it means an improvement that in CRONIS, each customer receives a unique identifier to ease the process of customer search and data management and to make the daily work faster. Balázs Rózsa also mentioned that they have received multiple positive feedbacks from their customers because of the accelerated processes. Those feedbacks strengthen Borüveg’s position in the opinion of choosing the intelligent POS system of CRONIS was the right decision for their store.

“The implementation of the CRONIS system went beyond all our expectations. In a 6-hour training session, Szintézis showed how the system works to all colleagues involved, and then we had the opportunity to practice. On the day of go-live, a technician was provided by Szintézis for the whole day, who helped us in sharp sales situations that day – Balázs Rózsa introduced us the details of the introduction, then continued. – Since then, the Helpdesk provided by Szintézis has been a great help, so we can signal with a simple phone call if we are stuck, and they will remotely remedy the problem and help solving the situation. It means a lot to us that Szintézis has been very motivated and helpful from the first contact to the present day.”

All needs of Borüveg THM Kft. – who has more than 2000 different articles in their selection- can be fulfilled with CRONIS POS system so the employees of the company can also allocate more time and attention to a high-level of customer serving.